Supplemental Documents

If a supplier attaches supplemental documents to an invoice—such as delivery details, W-9s, contracts, or coding support—ElevateAP can send those documents to Workday along with the invoice. If your organization uses supporting documents as part of your AP processes, submit a ticket to turn on this feature.

How it Works

When ElevateAP recognizes an invoice, credit, debit, or supplier invoice request, it categorizes additional email attachments and files embedded in the body of the email as supplemental documents. When the document is submitted to Workday, the supplemental documents will be visible on Workday’s View Supplier Invoice page, under the Attachments tab with the original file name.

supplemental documents screengrab.png

If a supplier sends multiple invoices and supplemental documents in a single email, the supplemental documents are attached to each invoice.

Supplemental documents do not automatically rotate to the correct orientation.

File Requirements for Supplemental Documents

  • ElevateAP accepts supplemental documents with the file extensions .dcx, .doc, .docx, .eml, .xls, .xlt, .xlsx, .xlsb, and .HTML, but these file types cannot overlap with those you accept as invoices. For example, ElevateAP cannot accept PDFs as supplemental documents.
  • The maximum size for emails including attachments is 150MB.
  • Workday limits the file size of each attachment to 32MB.

By default, support for Supplemental Documents is turned off. Submit a ticket to turn this feature on.

PDFs, PNGs, TIFs, and JPEGs will be counted toward your license count. If a supplier sends supplemental documentation as a PDF, ElevateAP will attempt to use its recognition engine to process the document as an invoice before it appears in your document queue. Learn more about file requirements for primary documents ›


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