Supported Browsers and App Updates

Supported Browsers

You can use ElevateAP with most popular browsers. We recommend Google Chrome for best performance, but ElevateAP supports all of the following:

  • Google Chrome 23 or later (recommended)
  • Firefox 17 or later
  • Microsoft Edge (all versions)

ElevateAP Updates

Periodically, ElevateAP will prompt you to update the app. This lets you take advantage of new features and avoids errors and interruptions to your work.


When there is an update available, click Update to allow it. It only takes a few seconds. If you’re in the middle of processing an invoice, you won't lose your progress. ElevateAP saves each field value when you click or tab out of the field.

If you’re completing other tasks, like creating a Document Group or a new Advanced Search, close the update prompt. ElevateAP will ask you to update the next time you log in.


Chrome App

If you use Google Chrome, you can download ElevateAP as a Chrome App for a more seamless experience directly from your desktop.

To download the Chrome App:

  1. In the far right of the address bar, select the install app icon.
  2. Confirm that you want to install ElevateAP.
  3. ElevateAP now shows as an icon on your desktop that you can use to open the app.


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