Ascend's Integration with Workday

Ascend’s SmartTouch AP and ElevateAP solutions use your existing Workday data to validate your AP documents, so you can quickly add them to Workday.

Using a combination of automatic recognition methods and machine learning, Ascend reads each emailed document as a person would. It predicts information in different document formats and automatically compares it with your Workday information. Its built-in learning technology is tailored to your invoices and suppliers, so recognition improves over time, even as document formats change.

Document Processing

Ascend’s recognition technology processes invoices and other AP documents. It’s often used to:

  • Automatically add documents to Workday with Touchless Processing, depending on settings
  • Verify invoice header fields, such as Invoice Date, Amount, etc.
  • Predict information that is not on the document, such as the supplier’s Workday ID
  • Confirm that invoice amounts are balanced
  • Pair PO lines with an existing Purchase Order in Workday, taking into account received and invoiced quantities
  • Specify line coding information on non-PO invoices, such as Company, Spend Category, Tax Code, Worktags, etc. using document rules
  • Find and manage duplicate documents

Saving Documents

Ascend stores your documents for 30 days after they have been submitted to Workday or canceled. Using web service calls, Ascend updates invoice statuses and values with any new information entered into Workday. Once a document has been approved in Workday, it’s no longer possible to update the invoice in Ascend.

Secure Integration

Ascend’s integration only uses Workday’s public web service calls. Generally, you create an inbound and outbound Integration System User (ISU) in your Workday tenant to perform these calls. Each ISU has a corresponding group that is added to the necessary domain security or business process policy within Workday. After determining exactly which web service calls you need (there are a lot of optional items), Ascend provides a detailed security document that lists all required security settings.

Web Services

Inbound web service calls add your documents to Workday. Outbound web service calls gather information such as Company, Supplier, Purchase Order, etc. to validate the document before it’s entered into Workday. Ascend also uses outbound web services to update the status of documents that have already been added to Workday.



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