FAQ: Document Retention Policy

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our document retention policies.


What types of documents and data does Ascend retain?

Ascend stores original document images as well as associated logs and metadata, such as the date and time it was received, whether and when it was submitted to Workday, canceled, or deleted, etc.


How long are my documents retained?

Documents that are waiting to be processed in ElevateAP are retained indefinitely. Documents waiting to be processed in SmartTouch AP are retained for 3 years. Please keep in mind that you should not leave documents in your queue if this goes against your own retention policy. 

Documents that have been Submitted to Workday, as well as Cancelled documents, are retained for 30 days.

Deleted documents are removed immediately and cannot be retrieved. Workday should serve as your long-term document archive.


Can I restore a document?

Please refer to the original statement of work in your contract agreement with Ascend. Typically, document restoration after 30 days is not included in statements of work. 

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