Understanding Analytics in ElevateAP

Only AP Managers and Financial Accounting can access Analytics. Learn more about user roles.

ElevateAP's Analytics provide valuable insights about recognition rates, the volume of invoices and documents processed, key index fields and predictions on individual documents, and more.

As noted below, some reports are based on documents received in ElevateAP, while others are based on documents submitted to Workday. Data is updated hourly and may not reflect real-time statistics.

How to use Analytics

  1. Click Analytics on the left sidebar, then select Recognition Rates, Recognition Analytics, Invoice Volume, or Invoice Analytics.
  2. Enter a date range.
  3. Click Update.
  4. Hover your cursor over the data in any chart to view more details.
  5. Click on the name of a dataset in the legend to view only that series.
  6. Select the menu buttonmenu_button.png in the upper right of any chart to export the data.recognition_rate_by_field_download.png
  7. Use the tools in the upper right of a chart to zoom in and out, expand an area, pan through the data, or reset the view.


Recognition Rates

The Recognition Rates page shows trends and insights into overall recognition rates. You can use this information to find out which suppliers' invoices could be improved through best practices.

Recognition rates are based on documents submitted to Workday in your selected date range.
Recognition Rates are updated nightly.


This first row of this section includes:

  • Average recognition rate across all documents, fields, and suppliers
  • Number of fields used to calculate recognition rate
  • Number of unique suppliers represented among submitted documents

The cards in this section show:

  • Daily average recognition rates across all fields and the number of fields analyzed. If no documents were processed on a given date, that date is hidden from the chart.
  • Average recognition rate for each header field across all suppliers and the number of fields used in the calculation
  • Average recognition rates for your top 20 suppliers (by document volume) and each supplier’s document volume as a percentage of all submitted invoices
    • You can select a supplier from this chart to view a chart of their specific recognition rate by field.


Recognition Analytics

The Recognition Analytics page offers three different views of your recognition data. You can view more focused data by clicking on the column data or the invoice.

Recognition Analytics is based on documents submitted to Workday in your selected date range.
Recognition Analytics are updated nightly.


To view more info about a field’s recognition rate broken down by supplier:

  1. Click any field in the Recognition Rate by Field chart.
  2. Use the sliders to filter the view by recognition rate or supplier name.
  3. Click any supplier column to view all invoices from that supplier in your selected date range.
  4. Select any of the invoices to show the invoice image and compare the predicted and entered field values.
    • Predicted Value - the value predicted by ElevateAP
    • Entered Value - the value entered into Workday
    • Workday Value - the value currently reflected in Workday

For example, this chart shows Company ID recognition rates filtered for recognition rates below 70% and for supplier names starting with A-M. Although the supplier "ABC Supply Co." has a 0% recognition rate, you can still select this supplier and view their document(s) by clicking anywhere in the column above the supplier ID.



Invoice Volume

The Invoice Volume dashboard shows trends in the number of documents received. This includes info about your top suppliers, canceled documents, Document Groups, and each AP Specialist’s submissions.

Invoice Volume data is based on documents with an Ascend date in your selected date range. This is the date a document was received by ElevateAP, which may include documents not yet submitted to Workday within the date range.
Invoice Volume is updated in real-time.

The first row of this section includes:

  • Total number of documents received, not including cancelled, deleted, or split documents
  • Number of unique suppliers you received invoices from
  • Number of Document Groups that had documents assigned to them
  • Number of invoices that were canceled

The following cards in this section show:

  • Daily number of invoices received
  • Volume by supplier (limited to your top 20 suppliers by volume)
  • Number of invoices canceled filtered by supplier
  • Number of invoices received from each document group


Invoice Analytics

Invoice Analytics is where you find all individual documents from your selected date range. When you select a document, the dashboard will show the predicted value, entered value, and Workday value for each field.

Invoice Analytics summarizes individual documents with an Ascend date within your selected date range.
Invoice Analytics are updated nightly.


To use Invoice Analytics:

  1. Select elevate_filter_icon.png to filter the list by supplier name, supplier ID, Ascend date (date received in ElevateAP; use date format YYYY-MM-DD), or invoice status (scanned, entered, or approved)
  2. Select elevate_remove_filter_icon.png to remove filters
  3. Select an invoice to view:
    • The original invoice image, if available
      • Images of invoices that are more than 30 days old or were processed by Ascend Validation Services may not be available
      • See FAQ: Document Retention Policy for more information
    • A table comparing these values for each invoice field
      • Predicted Value - the value ElevateAP predicted
      • Entered Value - the value a user entered in ElevateAP
      • Workday Value - the value currently reflected in Workday


Touchless Processing

To view insights into your automatic entry and Touchless Processing metrics, use the Touchless Processing page.

Touchless Processing is based on documents submitted to Workday during your selected date range.

TLP analytics screenshot.png

This section includes cards for

  • Your Touchless Processing setting, which is On, Off, or Conditional
  • Touchless Processing Rate, which is the number of documents automatically entered divided by the number of documents you have authorized for touchless processing
  • Automatic Entry Rate, which is the number of documents automatically entered divided by all submitted documents
  • The number of AP Specialists that submitted documents during the selected time frame
  • Daily invoice submissions
  • Number of documents submitted by each AP Specialist



You can view and track your ElevateAP license usage in the Licensing section. This metric is updated daily and gives you valuable insights to manage your invoice volume or expand your ElevateAP subscription.

Depending on your agreement with Ascend, your Licensing unit may be measured in pages or invoices. Please note that "invoices" includes both invoices and all other documents.

Your license usage only counts units in your Production environment (not Sandbox). It includes canceled, deleted, and split documents.

Term Start and Term End describe the period of your licensing agreement. In the example below, the company has purchased a license for 120,000 pages to be used between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2027 and has currently used 32,467 of those pages.

As your usage approaches your limit, the color of the Used column changes.

  • Green: more than 30% of units remain
  • Yellow: between 10-20% of units remain
  • Red: less than 10% of units remain

Licensing analytics are updated nightly.


If you need to increase your license count, reach out to your CSM.

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