Graph API Email Service

Microsoft discontinued support for IMAP access to Office 365 and Exchange Online mailboxes. Ascend moved to a new Microsoft Graph API email service for document intake.

This improved reliability and security for Ascend. Graph API is not only more powerful than IMAP libraries, but also more secure. Ascend customers can create mail-enabled security groups to keep fine-tuned control over the security of Office 365 and Exchange Online mail accounts and isolate them from the mailboxes Ascend accesses.

Ascend's Graph API email service identifies and imports unprocessed emails based on the presence of custom metadata managed by Ascend.

Ascend only scans and processes the allowlisted set of attachments and notifies the sender and recipient(s) about any invalid attachments. These notifications come from the same mailbox that receives the attachments, but you have the option to send these notifications from an Ascend no-reply mailbox instead.

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