Place an Invoice On Hold in ElevateAP

You can place documents on hold at any time if you want to wait to submit them to Workday. Depending on your settings, users may still be able to submit documents that are on hold. These have an On Hold status in Workday.

To change or customize your hold settings in ElevateAP, contact Ascend support.

By default, users can edit on-hold invoices. If this does not align with your business process, submit a ticket to change your settings.

To place an invoice on hold:

  1. Go to My Invoices.
  2. Click an invoice's Ascend ID link to open it.
  3. Click the Hold icon above the invoice image 2022-01-11_13-31-12.png.
  4. Select your hold reason from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click Yes, Hold Document


The invoice status shows as On Hold in the My Invoices section. To view all of your invoices that are on hold:

  1. Go to My Invoices.
  2. Use the Status filter and select the On Hold option.


To remove the hold:

  1. Go to My Invoices.
  2. Click the Ascend ID link of the invoice that’s on hold. This will take you to the document entry page.
  3. Click the Resume icon above the invoice image 2022-01-11_13-56-34.png.
  4. Select Yes, Resume.


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