Adding PO Line Details with Line Workbench

If you have an invoice with a matching PO Number in Workday, use your PO Workbench to easily view and add line details when processing your invoice.

  1. Make sure you have a valid PO entered into the PO Number header field.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and select Line Workbench.

  3. In the Available Lines from the Purchase Order section, select the plus.png icon to add them to the invoice. This will move them to the Invoice Lines section.

  4. Click and drag the invoice lines to reorder them.

  5. Select Update Lines to save your changes.

  6. Fill in any missing information for each line item, and process the invoice as normal.

You can also remove any lines from the invoice using the Line Workbench. If you see warning.png next to a line item, it’s an indication that the line contains information that is different than the corresponding PO in Workday.

  1. Open the Line Workbench.

  2. In the Invoice Lines, click the minus.png icon to remove them from the invoice. This moves them back to the Available Lines section.

  3. Select Update Lines to save your changes.

Lines show in the order you add them. Click and drag lines to reorder them. You can add or remove all lines at once by selecting Add All Lines or Delete All Lines.

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