Syncing Workday Data in ElevateAP

ElevateAP syncs data from Workday to fetch new suppliers, POs, and other recent information, so you can keep your AP processes moving without interruption.

To prevent excessive traffic on its servers, Workday limits how often Ascend and other partners can fetch new data. For this reason, instead of syncing with Workday in real-time, ElevateAP syncs data from Workday periodically:

  • High-frequency syncs for high priority data (every hour or every 4 hours)
  • Daily syncs every 24 hours for all other data
  • On-demand syncs for an invoice’s supplier, PO, supplier contract, and supplier connection data are available any time between scheduled automatic syncs.

High-frequency syncs

ElevateAP automatically syncs Payment every hour and the following data from Workday every 4 hours:

  • Supplier data
  • PO numbers, PO lines, and PO worktags
  • Supplier contracts
  • Supplier connections: Remit To and Payment Type

We prioritize these items because they are frequently updated and are the most likely to disrupt your AP processes if they're not up to date.

Daily syncs

ElevateAP automatically syncs the following data from Workday each day outside your business hours. The sync time is based on your location and data volume, so it's subject to change. Keep in mind that high-frequency sync items are also included in daily syncs.

Field Sync Frequency
Adjustment Reason Daily
Basic Projects Daily
Business Unit Daily
Companies Daily
Contingent Workers Daily
Cost Centers Daily
Currency Daily
Custom Worktag Organization Daily
Custom Worktags Daily
Customer Daily
Customer Organization Daily
Customer Worktags Daily
Employees for Approvers Daily
Frequency Behavior Daily
Fund Worktags Daily
Handling Codes Daily
Intercompany Affiliates Daily
Invoice Details (including status) Daily
Invoice Types Daily
Items Daily
Loans Daily
Location Worktags Daily
Opportunity Worktags Daily
Organizations Daily
Organizations Daily
Payment Terms Daily
Payment Types Daily
Prepayment Release Types Daily
Program Worktags Daily
Projects Daily
Project Plan Daily
Project Worktags Daily
Prospect Worktags Daily
Purchase orders, PO lines, and PO Worktags Daily
Receipts Daily
Reference Types for Adjustment Reasons Daily
Reference Types for Custom Worktags Daily
Regions Daily
Related Worktags Daily
Remit to Connections Daily
Revenue Categories Daily
Sales Items Daily
Spend Categories Daily
Tax Applicability Daily
Tax Codes Daily
Tax Rates Daily
Inter-Company Relationships Daily
Withholding Tax Codes Daily
Withholding Tax Rates Daily
Worker Daily
Worktags Daily

On-demand syncs

Anyone with access to document processing in ElevateAP can access on-demand syncs. If you have a high-priority task, you can use on-demand syncs to fetch updated info for:

  • Supplier, Supplier information, Remit To, and Payment Type
  • PO Number, PO Lines, Worktags
  • Supplier Contract details.

Explore the tabs below to learn how to sync Supplier, PO, and Supplier Contract details on demand.

Supplier PO Supplier Contract

To sync Supplier data on-demand:

  1. Go to My Invoices and select your invoice from the list.
  2. Click the sync icon mceclip0.png above the Supplier field.
  3. Enter the Supplier ID. 
  4. Click Sync.
  5. Select the correct sync option from the list.

  6. Click Apply.

The updated supplier details will sync to ElevateAP, like Supplier Information, Payment Type, Remit To details, etc.



Tip! You can sync multiple records at a time by entering multiple values into the search bar separated by a comma.


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