Ascend Release Notes: May 2024

Easily apply supplier-related worktags to invoice lines :plus:

You don’t have to search for worktags! When a Non-PO invoice has a valid Supplier, now all of the worktags related to the supplier are automatically applied to each new line you create. The worktag information comes from your Workday instance.

What if you’ve already added your invoice lines? If you have existing Non-PO invoice lines, you can now select Use Supplier Worktags from the line menu. This action replaces all existing worktags with the worktags related to the supplier. Learn more ›

Supplier Item ID field added to invoice lines :white_check_mark:

Supplier Item ID is now on the document entry page. Every invoice line matched to a PO line shows the supplier item number in the Supplier Item ID field. Previously, it was only shown in the Line Workbench. This field is read-only.


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