Change Default Ship-To Addresses by Editing Effective Dates in Workday

Ascend determines a company's default ship-to address (and which address to list first when you look up addresses in the Ship To field) based on which address has the most recent Effective Date in Workday.

If Company ship-to addresses were imported to Workday from another source, Workday assigns them all the same Effective Date of 01/01/1900. As a result, Ascend may not be able to determine the best default ship-to address.

You can correct this by editing the Effective Date of your company's desired default ship-to address in Workday:

  1. Look up the Company.
  2. Click the ellipsis to open the Actions menu.
  3. Select Company > Edit Company Contact Information.
  4. Find the desired default ship-to address and change its Effective Date to a date that is more recent than the Effective Dates of other ship-to addresses. Make sure that the desired default ship-to address also has the Shipping usage tag applied.
  5. Click OK.

Ascend will automatically fetch updated ship-to address data from Workday as part of its next nightly sync. Once the sync is complete, Ascend uses the updated ship-to address as the default.


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