Testing Workday Releases

Ascend is a certified Workday partner, so ElevateAP is compatible with current and future Workday releases. You can use your ElevateAP sandbox environment to test releases. It can be connected to any of Workday’s 3 common tenants (environments): preview, sandbox, and production.

Ascend does not recommend using your Workday Production environment to test releases.

When you’re ready to test a Workday release, please submit a request with the following information:

  • Which release you’re testing
  • The dates you need to test
  • Which Workday tenant you want to use (if different)
  • The date you need to switch the Workday tenant back (if necessary)
  • Your web service endpoint URL
  • Inbound UserID (Ex: ISU_Ascend_Inbound)
  • Inbound Password
  • Outbound UserID (Ex: ISU_Ascend_Outbound)
  • Outbound Password

If you use Advanced Authentication, send this information instead of your inbound/outbound details:

If you only need to switch the Workday tenant that your ElevateAP sandbox environment is connected to, follow the steps in this article.

Testing during Migration from SmartTouch AP to ElevateAP

When you migrate from SmartTouch AP to ElevateAP, you can take advantage of future Workday releases and improve your touchless processing rates. Ascend’s status as a certified Workday partner makes sure that your new system is compatible with Workday.

Once you migrate to your ElevateAP sandbox, your SmartTouch AP test environment is no longer functional. At that point, all new Workday releases must be tested in the ElevateAP sandbox environment. All of ElevateAP’s service calls are the same as SmartTouch AP and will function the same during testing.

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