Improve Supplier Recognition With 'Ignore' and 'Exclude' Groups in Workday

If your organization has internal entities that are set up as suppliers in Workday, these intercompany vendors may negatively impact supplier recognition in Ascend – especially if they are rarely or never relevant for accounts payable purposes.

To avoid this issue, use Workday's Supplier Groups feature to categorize internal entities that should either be ignored for recognition purposes or excluded entirely from the Ascend database. 

Read on to learn how to set up these Supplier Groups and how to decide which entities belong in which group.


Create Supplier Groups

  1. Navigate to or search for the Maintain Supplier Groups task
  2. Click the plus button twice to create two new Supplier Groups


  3. Enter the Supplier Group Names "Ignore_Ascend_OCR" and "Exclude_From_Ascend" exactly as they appear below:

  4. Click OK.


Assign internal entities to the relevant group

  1. Navigate to an internal entity that is set up as a supplier
  2. Select the ellipsis workday_ellipsis_icon.jpg next to the supplier name
  3. Select Create Supplier Change.


  4. On the Create Supplier Change page, check the box for Supplier and Tax Details and then click OK.


  5. In the Supplier Group field, assign the supplier to either the "Ignore" or "Exclude" group.
    • Ignore_Ascend_OCR – This group is for suppliers that Ascend should ignore for recognition purposes, but still allow you to manually look up and select these suppliers on the document entry page. Use this group for internal entities that are rarely relevant for Accounts Payable purposes.
    • Exclude_From_Ascend – This group is for suppliers that Ascend should completely exclude from recognition and the database. Ascend still accepts invoices from these suppliers, but you won't be able to look up or select these suppliers in Ascend. Use this group for internal entities that are never relevant for Accounts Payable purposes.

  6. Click Submit.

Once the change is approved by an administrator in Workday and synced to Ascend, Ascend automatically begins to ignore or exclude your internal entities based on their group assignment.

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  • Question: What if you have another Supplier Group associated with the Supplier in Workday? Will this still work? 

  • @... Yes, you can assign a Supplier to multiple Supplier Groups in Workday. 


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