Best Practices for Submitting Support Requests

At Ascend, we want to answer your questions as soon as possible. When you contact our support team, here's what we need to help you quickly. Please send us as much info as you can: 


The steps you took

Tell us where in the application you came from, and what buttons or fields you clicked or modified. This helps us recreate the issue on our end. 


Also, tell us what you were trying to accomplish or what you expected to happen so we can make sure we’re providing the right solution to meet your needs.


Copy the exact text of error messages

Error messages allow us to get a better understanding of the situation. 

Slightly different error messages can mean very different things, so it’s important that we know the full, exact text of the error message. 

If you can't fit the entire error message in a screenshot, copy and paste it into the body of your message.



By showing us exactly what you’re experiencing, you can help us diagnose the problem. For the most effective screenshots, follow these guidelines: 

  • Show as much of the screen as possible. Include the browser address bar and title bar/tab.
  • In the body of your email, point out anything in the screenshot that shows the issue you’re reporting.

We may ask you to record a video of what you’re seeing. Learn how to make a screen recording on Windows or Mac.


Any other details

No detail is too small. Even if you're not sure something is relevant, it could be the clue we need to solve the problem quickly.

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