Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

These are Ascend's standard service level agreements (SLAs) for Workday customers. Business days are Monday through Friday, except for certain US holidays. See Support Hours and Contact Information for details.


Standard SLA

This SLA applies only to customers who have completed the onboarding process.

Priority level First response Updates until resolved
Urgent 30 minutes 1 hour
High 8 business hours 2 business days
Normal 2 business days 3 business days
Low 3 business days 5 business days


Priority level definitions

You can choose a priority level when you submit a support request. These definitions apply to all customers.


You are unable to use Ascend, resulting in a critical impact on your business operations.


  • A production environment has failed
  • Multiple users cannot access the production environment
  • Performance of the environment has degraded to an unusable level, such as:
    • Invoices received via email are not available for processing in SmartTouch AP/ElevateAP after more than 90 minutes
    • Invoices processed in SmartTouch AP/ElevateAP are not available in Workday after more than 30 minutes
  • Data is unrecoverable, corrupt, or lost


You can use Ascend with severely limited functionality, resulting in a significant impact on your business operations.


  • The Invoice Entry sidebar isn't loading properly
  • An invoice image is not displaying
  • The application is taking more than 25 seconds to load
  • An error message prevents you from using a critical component or performing an essential task


You are experiencing a problem for which there is a reasonable workaround, resulting in minimal impact on your business operations.


  • Server or application upgrade requests
  • Restarting an invoice or removing duplicate invoices
  • Users/group permissions not working as expected
  • Invoice routing issues


You have a general inquiry or a problem resulting in no immediate impact on your business operations.


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