Payment Activity

Once you complete a Settlement Run in Workday, the details will show in your Payment Activity. This page has the status of every payment Ascend makes to your suppliers across each of your settlement runs. Your payment activity is stored for 7 years.

If your organization has set up a holding period, you can cancel the settlement run in Workday during that time.

Filter and Sort Payments

The Payment Activity view shows all the payments submitted within the last 30 days. You can filter this view by Company, Payment Type, Payment Status, and Date Range.

To filter your payments:

  1. Go to Payments > Payment Activity.
  2. Select your filter criteria from the drop-down menus.
  3. Enter a date range.
  4. Click the Search icon .

You can use the search bar to search your results by keyword, such as “FedEx."

To sort your payments in ascending or descending order, hover over any column and then click the up or down arrow.

Edit Payment Activity View

You can customize your Payment Activity view by editing which columns show in the activity table. To change the columns:

  1. Go to Payments > Payment Activity.
  2. Click the Edit view icon .
  3. Select the columns you want to show.
  4. To show all columns, check Select All.
  5. To show only the default columns, click Set to Default.
  6. Click Save.

Your changes are applied immediately. The columns will automatically return to the default view when you leave or close this page.

This is a complete list of all available Payment Activity columns:

  • Amount
  • Date
  • Payment Status
  • Company
  • Created*
  • Notes
  • Payee
  • Remittance Email
  • Reconciled
  • Payment Type
  • Supplier ID
  • Remit To
  • WD Settlement Run #
  • WD Settlement Date
  • WD Total Settlement Amount

*A payment is created when the settlement run is completed in Workday and your holding period has passed. Your organization chooses the length of the holding period.

Export Payment Activity

Turn your Payment Activity into a shareable report by exporting your results as a CSV file. You can use filters and edit the column view to customize your report.

To download your results:

  1. Apply any filters and choose your desired view.
  2. Click Export.
  3. Enter a file name in the pop-up modal.
  4. Click Export to download your results.

Your results will be available in your downloads folder.

Payment Statuses

Each payment has a status that is updated in real-time. Once a payment has been processed, Ascend will update your Workday instance using a payment acknowledgment message. You can view these acknowledgments in Workday.

Below are the definitions of each payment status for each payment method.

Virtual Card
Status Definition

The card is being created and will be sent for approval.


The supplier has authorized the charge and is ready to accept payment.
Paid The funds are in the supplier’s account.
Credit received The card has received a credit during the most recent transaction. Contact your supplier for the credit reason.
Declined The supplier’s bank declined the authorization or payment attempt.
Blocked This card has been successfully blocked. Check with your teammates if you did not request for this payment to be blocked. If you still have questions, contact Ascend Support.
Canceled The payment was canceled during reconciliation or the publishing process.
System error There was a system error, and the card could not be created.
Canceled (duplicate) The payment was stopped because it’s too similar to another payment.
Status Definition

The payment has been created and it’s on the way to the check processor.

Mailed The check processor has confirmed that the check has been mailed.
System error The payment was canceled due to a system error. Contact Ascend Support for next steps.
Canceled The payment was canceled after it was submitted to the check processor. Contact Ascend Support for more details.
Canceled (duplicate) The payment was stopped because it is too similar to another payment.
Canceled by processor The payment was declined based on feedback from check processor. The check may be missing a signature, bank fraction, or other information. Contact Ascend Support for next steps.
Status Definition

The payment is being created and will be sent for approval.

Declined The payment file was declined by the supplier’s bank. This could be because of an incorrect routing or account number. Contact Ascend Support if you have questions.
Canceled (duplicate) The payment was stopped because it’s too similar to another payment.
Canceled There was an error during the payment process. Contact Ascend Support for next steps.
Paid The payment was successfully completed.
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