Settlement Run Activity

Your Settlement Run Activity page shows the settlement runs completed in Workday using your Ascend payment methods: check, ACH, and virtual card.

When making an ACH or virtual card payment, make sure the bank account is fully funded before running a settlement in Workday. If your organization has set up a cancellation period, you can cancel settlement runs in Workday during that time. 

Filter and Sort Settlement Runs

The default view on this page has all of the settlement runs processed within the last 30 days. You can filter this view by:

  • Company
  • Payment Type
  • Settlement Run Status
  • Date Range

To filter your settlement runs:

  1. Select your search criteria from the drop-down menus.
  2. If needed, enter a new date range.
  3. Click the Search icon .

You can use the search bar to search your results by keyword.

To sort your settlement runs in ascending or descending order, hover over any column and then click the up or down arrow.

Your settlement run activity is stored for seven years.

Edit View

If you want to customize your Settlement Activity view, you can edit which columns show in the activity table. To change the columns:

  1. Go to Payments > Settlement Activity.
  2. Click the Edit view icon .
  3. Select the columns you want to show.
    • To show all columns, check Select All.
  4. Click Save.

The changes you make update immediately. When you navigate away from or close this page, the columns automatically return to the default view.

This is a complete list of all of your available Settlement Activity columns:

  • Settlement Run ID
  • Settlement Run Name
  • Run Date
  • Run Date Sequence*
  • Payment Sum
  • Received Date**
  • Number of Payments
  • Status
  • Check Payments Count
  • Check Payments Sum
  • Direct Deposit Payments Count
  • Direct Deposit Payments Sum
  • Virtual Card Payments Count
  • Virtual Card Payments Sum

*The Run Date Sequence shows the order in which a settlement run was completed for a specific funding account. Run Date Sequences are counted daily, so each date starts at 1.

**The Received Date refers to when Ascend received the settlement run. This is the same date that you completed the settlement run in Workday.

Export Settlement Run Activity

Turn your Settlement Run Activity into a shareable report by exporting your results as a CSV file. You can use filters and edit the columns to customize your report.

To download your results:

  1. If needed, apply any filters and edit the results view.
  2. Click Export.
  3. Enter a File Name in the pop-up modal.
  4. Click Export.

Your results will be available in your downloads folder.

Settlement Run Statuses

After you complete a settlement run in Workday and your holding period has passed, it will show one of the below statuses. These are different from your Workday settlement run statuses.

Click to view Status Descriptions
Status Description


Ascend has received the settlement run file from Workday.


You or a different user canceled the settlement run during the holding period.

In Progress

The settlement run file is being reviewed and checked for errors.

Needs Review

The Settlement Run is complete, but that there is at least one error with a payment. Check your Payment Activity to find out which payment has the error.


All payments in this settlement run were accepted and successful.


The file was rejected because it has missing info, has incorrect info, or there is some other error. If you can’t resubmit this settlement run, customer support.

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