Where are my apps?

When you set up ElevateAP, you automatically receive an Okta account for security purposes. The Okta home page (http://login.ascendsoftware.com) does not have the ElevateAP app because you do not need it to log in.

To log in to ElevateAP, go directly to your production or sandbox environment. You may need to set up multifactor authentication if you have not already.

Keep in mind that if your organization uses Okta, you may see ElevateAP as an app on your organization's Okta account, but not Ascend's.

After you set up ElevateAP, you do not need to use Ascend’s Okta home page again.

If you haven’t yet logged in to ElevateAP, check out how to activate and log in to ElevateAP. Still having login issues? Try these troubleshooting steps.

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