File Requirements and Recommendations

For best results, Ascend recommends that all invoice files follow these formatting guidelines. Share this information with your suppliers, along with these best practices.

File Requirements

  • Original PDFs with selectable text are preferred. PNG, JPG/JPEG, and TIF/TIFF files are also accepted.
    • Excel workbooks (.xlsx), Word documents (.docx), and emails forwarded as attachments (.eml) are not accepted.
  • If a PDF has multiple pages, the invoice should start on page one.
  • When scanning an invoice...
    • Scan the original invoice in color (even if the invoice is entirely black and white).
    • Image resolution should be at least 300 DPI.
    • Make sure the image is properly aligned with minimal markups/stamps/handwriting.
    • Use patch code sheets in between invoices to automatically create separate files when scanning multiple invoices, or scan each invoice as a separate job. (Note: Your settings must have patch code separation turned on in order to use patch code sheets.)
  • Each invoice should be a separate file attached to the email. You may attach multiple files to the same email, but they must be included as attachments and not in the body of the email.
    • Maximum file size is 30 MB. Files may not be compressed, zipped, or password protected.
    • Maximum email size is 150 MB including all attachments and the email itself.
  • Files cannot be larger than 17 x 17 inches.
  • Handwritten invoices are not supported.
  • Supported languages are:
    • English
    • German
    • French
    • Swedish
    • Dutch
    • Polish
    • Danish
    • Spanish
    • Norwegian
    • Portuguese

Invalid File Types

You can set up automatic emails that notify the sender when their invoices don't meet the file requirements. The message explains that the file has corrupt, password-protected, or invalid file types and lists accepted file types. You can choose to include the original attachment in the automatic email if it is smaller than 3 MB. Contact support for more information about setting up this feature.

If your organization's forwarding is setup to send emails as an .eml attachment, please contact your internal IT department to change these settings.

If an email from a supplier is incorrectly flagged as spam, please submit a ticket and attach the original email.



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