Extract Worktags From Email Text

When a supplier sends in an invoice, ElevateAP can extract Worktags that a supplier includes in the body of an email.

To take advantage of this feature:

  1. Submit a request to have the feature turned on.
  2. Instruct the supplier to list Worktags separately in the body of emails that accompany an invoice attachment, and provide the Workday reference IDs for each Worktag.
    • Suppliers must use this format: [Organization Type]: [Workday Reference ID for the specific worktag]
    • There must be a colon between Organization Type and Workday Reference ID.

      For example:

      Opportunity: OPP1002
      SalesItem: SALES_ITEM-1
      Project: PROJECT-1
      CostCenter: 31000
      SpendCategory: RESOURCE_CATEGORY-1

   3. ElevateAP automatically applies the Worktags from the email body to each extracted invoice line.

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