Overview: What is Payments?

Ascend’s Payments solution automates your AP team’s payments process. With Payments, it’s easy to:

  • Eliminate manual payment workflows and reduce overhead cost
  • View your settlement runs and payment statuses in one place
  • Earn money when your suppliers use a virtual card
Want to learn more about Payments? Schedule a demo. Payments currently only supports USD.

How It Works

Ascend partners with Edenred, a certified payments processor, to pay your suppliers using your preferred method: virtual card, check, or ACH. Our Payments team has an extensive supplier network and proactively contacts your suppliers to help them switch to a virtual card. When your suppliers use a virtual card, your organization is eligible for a savings rebate.

Getting Started

Payments integrates with ElevateAP and your Workday instance. To get started with Payments:

  1. Reach out to Ascend Sales or Support to apply for Payments.
  2. Get approved within 5 business days.
  3. Set up the integration.
  4. Complete your settlement runs in Workday.
  5. Track your payment statuses.

Setting Up Payments

Ascend uses Workday’s public Web Services to integrate with your Workday instance. Once you’re approved to enroll in Payments, you can set up your integration. The entire integration process, including bank account verification, takes about 10 business days. Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will help you follow these steps.

Viewing Settlement Runs

When you’re ready to pay your suppliers, create your settlement runs in Workday and follow your normal business processes. To save time, you can create a custom filter using Ascend’s payment types.

All of your completed settlement runs will show on your Settlement Run Activity page. You can view when they were created and received, their total amounts, and more. Since the columns on this page are customizable, you can view the most relevant information at any time.

Viewing Payment Activity

Your Payment Activity dashboard has the status of every payment made to each of your suppliers, across all of your settlement runs. It shows the last 30 days by default, but you can easily customize your view.

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