ElevateAP Dashboard

Your dashboard has an overview of your own performance and/or your team's performance and quick links to your invoices. If you want to view your Dashboard metrics offline or share them with others, click the options icon 2022-01-11_16-59-17.png to download an SVG, PNG, or CSV file.

Your dashboard view varies depending on your role.


All users

Documents Waiting in Your Queue

Your documents in queue metrics give you a quick view of which invoices are Past Due and Almost Due so you can prioritize your work. It also shows your Total Invoices, Duplicates, invoices that are On Hold, and any Other Documents. Click on the links to view the invoices in those sections.

Invoice Value and Count by Assignment

If you have created and assigned Document Groups to your team, this section shows you the value of the invoices assigned to each group. You can also view how many documents are currently assigned to each group by clicking Value and selecting Count from the dropdown menu.

Invoice Aging

View a breakdown of the age of invoices in all Document Groups. Click the dropdown menus to switch between Value/Count and Due Date/Ascend Date (the date received in ElevateAP).
Remember that the date format displayed is based on your browser's regional settings.


AP Specialists

Your Average Submissions

To view your own performance, check out Your Average Submissions. This metric shows the number of invoices you have processed within the last 30 days. The average is broken down by week, so you can analyze your productivity by week.

Total Documents Processed

The Total Documents Processed metric shows how many invoices you and your team have submitted within the last 30 days. It also has the number of invoices Ascend submitted to Workday automatically. To view your Automatically Entered rate, check out the Automatically Entered rate metric.



AP Managers and AP Admins

Your Team's Average Submissions

Your team’s average submissions shows the average number of invoices your team submitted to Workday over the last 30 days. The chart breaks down the number of documents submitted per week, so you can track your team’s productivity.



Automatic Entry Rate

Your Automatic Entry Rate tells you the percentage of invoices that Ascend submitted to Workday automatically. In other words, how many invoices ElevateAP processed on its own. There are several ways to improve recognition to increase your Automatic Entry rate.



Total Invoice Value

The Total Invoice Amounts have the total value of all of the invoices in your queue broken down by currency.

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