Manage Users and Assign Roles in ElevateAP

A user must be assigned to at least one Document Group before they can access any documents, so consider creating Document Groups before creating users.
You must have User Admin permissions to manage users and assign roles.

Create or edit users

You can view, edit, and create users in the Users section of ElevateAP. 

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To create a new user:

  1. From the left sidebar, select Users > Manage Users.
  2. Click Add User.
  3. Enter the user's First Name, Last Name, and Email.
  4. Select at least one Role for the new user. Roles control user access and permissions, and you can select multiple roles.
  5. Regardless of role, you can make this user a User Admin by checking the box for User Admin.
  6. Check the box(es) of the Document Group(s) this user should be assigned to. Document Groups determine which documents a user can view and edit.
  7. Click Save.

To edit an existing user:

  1. Under the Actions column, click the edit icon elevate_edit_icon.png.
  2. Edit the user’s First Name, Last Name, Role, or Document Group(s).
  3. Click Save.

User emails can't be edited. If you need to change a user's email, delete the user and re-create it with the new email address.


Delete users

Click the trash icon elevate_delete_icon.png to delete a user. Deleting a user completely and permanently removes them from ElevateAP. 

User Roles

A user's role controls their access level and permissions. Each user can have multiple roles and must be assigned to at least one role. The table below outlines the permissions of each role.

  AP Specialists AP Managers AP Admins Financial Accounting User Admin
View and download documents    
Edit documents        
Submit documents to Workday        
Place invoices on hold and resume on-hold invoices      
Cancel invoices        
Delete invoices        
Access Analytics      
Manage Document Settings        
Manage Application Settings        
Manage Document Groups      
Assign users to Document Groups        
Manage user roles        


Note: Financial Accounting users can view all documents, even if they are assigned to specific document groups.


AP Specialists can:

  • View and edit documents in their assigned Document Group(s)
  • Place invoices on hold and resume on-hold invoices
  • Cancel invoices
  • Download invoices
  • Submit invoices to Workday

AP Managers can:

  • View documents in their assigned Document Group(s)
    • Only User Admins can change their Document Group assignments
  • Place invoices on hold and resume on-hold invoices
  • Delete invoices
  • Download invoices
  • Manage Document Groups
  • Access Analytics

AP Admins can:

Financial Accounting users can:

  • Access Analytics 
  • View all documents, regardless of their assigned Document Group(s)
    • Certain users should not have this role if you want to limit their access to documents
  • Download invoices


User Admin Permissions

User Admin is an additional set of permissions that allows a user to manage other users and their roles. They can:

  • Assign users to document groups
  • Change user roles

User Admins can make any other user a User Admin, regardless of role, by checking the box for Grant user ability to manage all users and their roles

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