Using Supplier-Related Worktags

When processing a Non-PO invoice, you can use the Use Supplier Worktags option to remove current worktags and apply all supplier-related worktags to the existing invoice lines.

Tip! This feature is helpful if you update the Supplier field after invoice lines have been created. You don’t have to spend time searching for related worktags.

How It Works

The Use Supplier Worktags option shows on the document entry page when a Non-PO invoice has a valid Supplier and at least one invoice line.

Selecting this action removes all existing worktags and adds the supplier-related worktags to the invoice lines. To apply supplier worktags to your existing invoice lines:

  1. Make sure your invoice has a valid Supplier and at least one invoice line.
  2. In the invoice lines section, click the menu icon [screenshot]
  3. Select Use Supplier Worktags.

The worktags update immediately. This information comes from your Workday instance, so make sure you keep the worktags related to suppliers up-to-date. If you aren’t sure if you have worktags related to a specific supplier, check the supplier record in your Workday instance.

Document Rules and Supplier Worktags

You can use the Use Supplier Worktags option to replace worktags automatically added by document rules. Because you have more options for building document rules, creating document rules for worktags is best practice instead of using supplier-related worktags in Workday.

PO Invoices and Supplier Contracts

The Use Supplier Worktags option is unavailable for PO invoices and Supplier Contracts because their worktags are already automatically matched. Additionally, it cannot be used when adding Non-PO lines to a PO invoice.


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