ElevateAP Release Notes: September 2023

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Payment Terms and Supplier Connections 💵

ElevateAP now automatically populates Payment Terms based on the supplier connection instead of the Supplier’s default payment terms.


Do more with Document Groups 🧙‍♂️

You can be even more precise when sorting documents into Document Groups! ElevateAP now supports sorting based on more than just the first letter of a field value. For example, you can now create groups for Suppliers AA-AM, or Suppliers ASC-AT. As you create new document groups, make sure the priority order is correct for your business practices. Learn more →


ElevateAP pairs lines from Supplier Contracts

We’re pairing Supplier Contract lines better than ever! When ElevateAP finds a valid Supplier Contract, it automatically creates lines using your Workday data. This speeds up manual processing time and can even be used to automatically enter invoices tied to supplier contracts. If you use supplier contracts and want to enable line pairing, submit a ticket.


Withholding Tax on the Document Entry Page 🧾

If Withholding Tax is specified at the line level, you can view the total amount in the header field section of the document entry page. This is a view-only, calculated value at the header level. Use the Tax button to view and edit tax details.


Edit On-Hold Invoices ✏️

By default, on-hold invoices can now be editted and submitted. If you would like to change your settings for on-hold invoices to read-only, submit a ticket.


New Header Field: Tax Code 🧮

You can now use Tax Codes at the header level! When you process an invoice from a supplier with a default Tax Code in Workday, each line that you create will automatically be populated with that Tax Code. You can edit this value to quickly apply tax codes to each new line that you create. At the header level, it will not override existing tax codes or be used to calculate the total tax amount. Learn more →


Ship to Worker Addresses 🏠

On the document entry page, ElevateAP now allows you to to search and add a worker address in the Ship To field, in addition to company addresses and locations. Learn more →


Improvements to Line Workbench 🛠️

We’ve made some improvements to the PO Line Workbench! You can add or remove lines from an invoice with a single click, as well as drag and drop to reorder them. Learn more →

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