Your Guide to ElevateAP

We’re glad you’ve joined ElevateAP! These videos and articles will teach you everything you need to know to get started. Follow along and click on the links to learn about each feature.

You can see a version of this guide within ElevateAP by clicking the question icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the application. 


Tip! Did you know you can also click the mceclip1.png on any page within ElevateAP to take a guided tour?

Get Started Using ElevateAP

  1. Start with the video overview of ElevateAP that's at the top of this article. This is a short video to help you get familiar with the basics.
  2. Next, make sure you understand exactly what Touchless Processing is. It's going to be your biggest asset while working with ElevateAP.
  3. Now let’s get you logged in. If you’re here in the Help Center, there’s a chance you have already logged in to ElevateAP. If not, this article will show you how to activate and log into your account.

Tour Each Section

  1. The Dashboard is your hub for all incoming invoice information. Knowing how to use the dashboard makes working in ElevateAP so easy, so be sure to take notes!
  2. My Invoices is where you can access all of the invoices that need your help! This article is filled with helpful tips about sorting and filtering.
  3. Depending on your role, you may also be able to view the Analytics section. There is a lot of useful information here, but we know data can be daunting! This article and video will help you understand all of the different charts and graphs in the Analytics section.

Learn to Complete Tasks

  1. Processing Invoices is probably where you will spend the most time in ElevateAP. This article will walk you through the process. (… pssst. If you have questions about what each field means, don’t worry—that’s later in the guide!)
  2. For one reason or another, you may need to place an invoice on hold before submitting an invoice to Workday.
  3. Sometimes, suppliers will accidentally send in an attachment with multiple invoices, or with extra pages. Splitting documents or deleting extra pages is an easy fix, if you know where to look!

Level Up Your Skills

  1. As you process invoices, it’s important to know which information goes where. This article explains each of the document entry fields. This lesson is going to be a bit lengthy, so grab some water and settle in!

  2. Error Messages are ElevateAP’s way of telling you that something looks fishy. We’ll take a look at the most common ones and what they mean.

  3. ElevateAP syncs data from Workday on different schedules depending on the type of information. It’s important to know that your data is up to date--so this article is a great reference.

  4. Feeling confident? Check out Document Rules to find out how to automatically add header values and line coding to your documents.

  5. Advanced Search is a premium feature that can help you expand from your use of Analytics. Learn to search for documents and document data based on specific criteria.

Customize Your Settings

Administrators can make changes to their ElevateAP system.

  1. Start by managing users and assigning their roles to set up new users on your team or edit the roles of existing members.
  2. Setting up Document Groups lets you decide which documents go to which specialists.
  3. You can manage Document Settings for your AP specialists that are processing invoices.
  4. Then, you can set which header fields are required to submit an invoice to Workday.
  5. Finally, learn all about using Worktag Field Settings to customize your document entry page.


:tada: Congratulations! You’ve completed Your Guide to ElevateAP.

The next step in your Onboarding is to complete User Acceptance Testing. Feel free to check out the article and video on what to expect to prepare yourself for this next phase.

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