Manage Document Groups in ElevateAP

Document Groups determine which documents a user can access based on specific criteria, such as supplier name, supplier category or group, or company.

A user must be assigned to at least one Document Group before they can access any documents, so it's best to create Document Groups before you create users.

Only AP Admins can assign users to Document Groups. Learn more about user roles.


Create Document Groups

To create a new Document Group:

  1. From the left sidebar, select Settings > Document Groups.
  2. Click Create New Document Group.

  3. Enter a Group Name, such as "Suppliers A-M" or "Utilities".
  4. Select the Field that this group will be based on:
    • Supplier (name)
    • Supplier Category or Supplier Group (these are set up in Workday)
    • Company
  5. Select an Operator:
    • Equals
    • Contains
    • Start with Character
    • Is Blank
  6. Unless you selected the Operator "Is Blank" in the previous step, set a Value. See examples below.
  7. To base your Document Group on more than one condition, click Condition.
    • Select And, Or, or And/Or.
    • Select a Field, Operator, and Value as before.
  8. When you're finished adding conditions, click Create Group.


Document Group examples

Here are some common examples of Document Groups and how to set them up:

Specific suppliers

  • Field: SupplierID
  • Operator: Equals
  • Value: enter the specific supplier's ID

Group suppliers alphabetically

  • Field: SupplierIDText
  • Operator: Start with Character
  • Value: first and last letter of your desired grouping, separated by a hyphen. For example:
    • A-I
    • J-R
    • S-Z

You can also sort documents based on more than just the first character of a field, such as Suppliers AA-AF.

Tip: If you need more than five conditions to base your document group on a specific set of suppliers, you can create a Supplier Group within Workday. Then you can base your document group on the Workday Supplier Group. Make sure this doesn't impact your reporting. 

Workday Supplier Group 

  • Field: Supplier_Group
  • Operator: Equals
  • Value: enter the Supplier Group ID

Unknown supplier or company

  • Field: SupplierID or CompanyID
  • Operator: Is Blank
  • Value: you cannot edit the value


  • Field: Supplier_Category
  • Operator: Equals
  • Value: the name of your Workday Supplier Category for utilities

View users assigned to a Document Group

On the Document Groups page, each group is listed with a number of users assigned to it. Hover your cursor over this number to see which users are assigned to that group.


Edit or delete a Document Group

Click the edit icon elevate_edit_icon.png to make changes to a Document Group.

Click the trash icon elevate_delete_icon.png to delete a Document Group. When you delete a Document Group, you must select another Document Group to send the deleted group's documents to. This applies only to documents currently assigned to the deleted group and does not create a rule for routing future documents.


Document Group Priority

Click and drag Document Groups within the list to order them by priority.

For example, say you have these Document Groups in the following priority order:

  1. Suppliers A-I
  2. Suppliers J-R
  3. Suppliers S-Z
  4. Utilities

With the above priority order, invoices from utility company Pacific Gas & Electric would be routed to the Document Group "Suppliers J-R" based on the supplier name, since it is the highest priority group that the document matches.

To fix this, click and drag "Utilities" into the first position so that ElevateAP first checks to see if the supplier belongs to your Workday Supplier Group for utilities before considering the supplier name.

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