How to Submit a Feature Idea

At Ascend, we place a high value on feedback from our user community. Here's how you can tell us about your ideas for new features or any other suggestions for how we can improve.


To submit a feature idea:

  1. Select Submit a request.
  2. Select I have a feature idea from the drop-down menu.
  3. In the CC field, enter the email address(es) of anyone you want us to include when we follow-up on your submission. Add a space or press enter between each email address.
  4. Fill in each of the form fields:
    • A brief Subject line
    • A detailed Description of your idea
    • Who is this feature idea for? Which role(s) within your organization do you think would benefit the most if we implemented your idea?
    • What is the problem you're encountering and how do you recommend we solve it? This gives us a more holistic understanding of your user experience, and helps us evaluate all possible improvements and whether there may be other ways to address the issue.
    • What impact would this have? Try to provide specifics. How much time could this save your AP team? How might this help relations with your suppliers? How might this support your department's goals and objectives?
  5. Optionally, add attachments such as screenshots, invoice files, or anything else you think might help broaden our understanding of your submission. Select Add file to browse files on your computer, or drag and drop files into the Attachments field.

A member of our Support team will respond to confirm that we've received your submission.


How we determine whether to implement a feature idea

Though your feature idea may not be selected for development, we review all feature idea submissions as part of the normal product development cycle. The factors we consider include but are not limited to:

  • Level of complexity to build the feature
  • Volume of similar ideas from other customers
  • Alignment with our product roadmap

To stay up to date on new features, go to the Release Notes page and click Follow.

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